Located on the southern Oregon Coast, Coos County stretches from the Lakes of Tenmile to
the Cranberry Bogs of Bandon encompassing nearly 1,600 square miles. Most of its population of 63,043 can reach the Pacific beaches in minutes, From Sunset to Horsfall to Whiskey Run. Coos County has 7 cities, with the County Seat in Coquille.

Currently, forest products, tourism, fishing and agriculture dominate the Coos County economy. The service industry is replacing the former lumber-driven economy.

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort
, north of Bandon and south of Coos Bay, attracts tourists and golfers from around the world. Boating, dairy farming, myrtlewood manufacturing, shipbuilding and repair and agriculture specialty products, including cranberries
, also play an important role. 

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